Mileage Solutions


Advancements in capturing mileage can refine a critical rating factor.

There’s a strong relationship between mileage and insurance claims. As annual mileage increases, so does loss frequency. Accurate mileage matters, but many insurers struggle to capture it. They may accept unreliable self-reporting by policyholders, use overly broad bands, or skip mileage altogether.

Verisk stands ready to help insurers obtain reliable mileage estimates at point of sale and renewal.


Mileage Capture

Retrieve mileage directly from the car, from reliable data sources, or from predictive modeling.


Use skilled customer outreach where self-reporting or other concerns call for validation.

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Are you settling for uncertainty?

Two-thirds of personal auto policies are written with underreported mileage, and more than a quarter of drivers underreport mileage by 6,000 miles or more. Learn about the magnitude of the problem as revealed by the Verisk 2018 Verified Mileage Study.

Take on mileage-linked premium leakage

Underreported mileage causes more than $5 billion in annual premium leakage, and motorists are driving more every year—tightening the squeeze on your margins.

Mileage capture: Find your lane

Leverage Verisk’s unique data assets and analytics to better capture a critical rating factor.

Connected-car data

Odometer readings from third-party data sources

Predictive mileage model

Validation: Add the human touch

Verifying self-reported mileage calls for skilled outreach to avoid friction with policyholders. You can ease the pain with a specialized partner that already has the policyholder information to be validated.

Stay in compliance

Some states, most notably California, require use of mileage as a rating factor. Such requirements amplify the urgency of accurate mileage. Without it, you may misprice a large portion of your business.

Inaccurate mileage is a chronic problem with a hidden toll

Self-reported mileage estimates are notoriously inaccurate. See how we can help you master mileage.

The challenge of auto insurance premium leakage

Personal auto insurers have at least a $29 billion annual problem: premium leakage—omitted or misstated underwriting information that leads to inaccurate rates. With profitability under intense pressure from all sides, premium leakage demands attention.