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How can you be in a better position to profitably grow your commercial lines business in a complex and rapidly changing market?

MarketStance® is a unique source of analytic insights from data spanning 100% of the U.S. economy. Geographic, industry, and size-of-business data, synthesized into reports and visualizations, provide a total-market perspective—helping insurers discover market opportunities, enter new lines of business, forecast premium growth and maximize profitability.  

MarketStance is here for your needs

MarketStance can provide granular insight into the marketplace to spot trends, identify opportunities, and develop plans to facilitate growth. 

MarketStance: Commercial Insight

Commercial Insight

MarketStance: Commercial Insight

Empower your research, product development, distribution, and underwriting with economic, demographic, and commercial insurance data at the county and ZIP code levels with ISO’s flagship commercial market opportunity product.

Advisor Products

Leverage our sophisticated Commercial Insight data even further with:

  • Growth Advisor
  • Commercial Auto Advisor
  • Inland Marine Advisor
  • Liability Advisor
  • Profitability Advisor

Commercial Habitational

Conduct a multidimensional analysis of apartment and condo markets by property location. Quantify risk within a certain distance to the coast as well as segment admitted versus surplus premium for properties residing in Gulf and Atlantic coast states

New Business Insight

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New Business Insight

Optimize prospecting efforts and/or enrich existing policy records with our robust commercial business data. Profile individual businesses with our operational and commercial insurance benchmark data on more than 22 million companies.

Strategic planning, product development, and go-to-market execution start with MarketStance

Make profitable, insight-driven decisions about your small commercial lines

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The 2024 MarketStance Strategic Planning Report provides a total-market perspective—helping you discover market opportunities, enter new lines of business, and maximize profitability. Get the answers you need to make smarter decisions for your business.

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Tailwinds, Headwinds, or Crosswinds? Navigating the Economy to Grow Commercial Lines

Vds Monday Web Seminars

Tailwinds, Headwinds, or Crosswinds? Navigating the Economy to Grow Commercial Lines

With 2022 bringing supply constrained inflation, ongoing pandemic disruption, and the Ukraine conflict, top-line growth in commercial insurance has held up surprisingly well, overall. Will this continue in 2023?

Want to make a strategic move into BOP with comprehensive insights?

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Verisk’s MarketStance® Commercial Insight provides a 360-degree view of the market to help you navigate risks and identify opportunities to grow profitably. Grow your business owner's policy (BOP) program strategically with precise underwriting data.

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Verisk Commercial Lines Forecasts

Stretching Your Small Commercial Playbook into Middle Markets – What to Prepare For

Q1 Marketstance Report

Stretching Your Small Commercial Playbook into Middle Markets – What to Prepare For

Are you looking for ways to grow middle market premiums? Strengthening your small commercial playbook is one way to start. Learn how to meet the challenge of winning this business and tailoring operations to serve these accounts in Verisk’s MarketStance Strategic Insights report.

Read our commercial lines insights

It’s Strategy Time: Is Your Underwriting Appetite Positioned for Profitable Growth?

Strategic Planning Webinar

It’s Strategy Time: Is Your Underwriting Appetite Positioned for Profitable Growth?

Commercial insurance carriers need to grow, innovate, and expand to remain competitive. But they often lack robust, actionable data to chart a reliable path forward.  Learn how you can fuel your strategic planning by incorporating key economic and industry data to gain a rich understanding of where the market is most likely going.

Commercial auto profitability

Assured Briefing June 2023

MarketStance customers know where the market has struggled. Do you? Check out the latest Assured Briefing, which uses MarketStance data to explore the current insurance landscape.

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Is there a way for insurers to grow commercial lines in this economy?


Download this Assured Research paper, utilizing MarketStance forecast data, for an important industry outlook on tools insurers can use to stay profitable in a volatile economy, as well as a look to the future of commercial lines.

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Additional insights

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Inside Verisk’s race to respond to new Florida insurance legislation

A new law is expected to have a far-reaching impact on the Florida insurance market.

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Protecting intellectual capital in the age of talent turnover

There are technology solutions that can mitigate intellectual capital risk for insurers. Just look for these features.

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Keep up with Core: Monthly product roadmap updates help insurers stay in-the-know

Here's how insurers can stay updated on Verisk coverage and actuarial product updates.

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