ISO's Market Segments Program

When you're thinking of expanding into new markets, consider ISO's Market Segments Program. Our ready-to-use program provides policy forms, rules, and loss costs to help you serve customers in a variety of high-potential market niches. You get virtually everything you need to offer specialized policies tailored to particular classes of commercial risks.

For each market segment, the program gives you a "wrap-around" endorsement that combines with one or more of ISO's monoline coverage forms to make up the core of the policy. You can round out your offering with additional coverage forms from ISO's standard commercial lines portfolio.

Enhancements common to most of the segments include increased limits and additional coverages for:

  • computer equipment
  • fire department service charges
  • money and securities
  • fire extinguisher systems expense
  • reward payment
  • money orders and counterfeit money
  • forgery or alteration
  • outdoor signs
  • employee dishonesty
  • personal effects and property of others
  • valuable papers and records
  • accounts receivable
  • outdoor property

The program provides a basic coverage limit for each of those categories — which may vary by type of risk — plus optional higher limits for many of them.

For information on the available market segments and the other coverages included in each of them, follow the links:

We're always adding new segments. Watch this website for information on the latest offerings.