LOCATION - Fire Protection

Verisk offers Public Protection Classification (PPCTM) Service to help you assess fire protection capabilities at the point of sale and for policy renewals. PPC Service provides the applicable PPC code, fire protection area, driving distance of the nearest responding fire station, water supply, and additional information for any address in the country.

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PPC misclassification is a real concern for many insurers. One insurer discovered that 70 percent of its top 500 claims in a recent year were fires at homes that Verisk classified with unfavorable PPC grades (located beyond 1,000 feet of a creditable water supply and/or more than five road miles from a responding recognized fire station). If the insurer had known that before writing the policies, how many of those claim losses could the insurer have averted?

Verisk collects detailed information on fire protection efforts in more than 47,000 communities based on an objective countrywide standard. In each of those communities, we analyze the relevant data using our Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS). We then assign a PPC to indicate a range of fire protection capabilities from exemplary to no recognized protection.

Verisk also offers:

  • Future Effective PPC Service — alerts you to PPC changes on a community level up to three months in advance to support policy renewals
  • Fire Station Type Service — provides staffing information for each fire station in the country

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