Public Protection Classification (PPC) Service


Take a more accurate measure of fire protection for the risks you insure

The level of fire protection for a given property can be a moving target—and you might miss it if you’re looking only at distance to the nearest fire station. Public Protection Classification (PPC®) gives you a tool that’s nine times more predictive of loss than distance alone.1

How fire station type factors into evaluating community fire protection

Verisk research shows the differences between considering fire station type alone and taking a more holistic approach when evaluating a community’s fire protection capabilities.

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On demand webinar–Burning trends: Why is the behavior of fire changing and how does this affect homeowners insurance?

On the surface, fire loss cost trends look calm. However, under the surface, frequency and severity are running in opposite directions. In this presentation, we’ll offer insight into this complicated situation. ISO experts will discuss fire severity: how changes in fire behavior are feeding this trend and how communities are adapting.


Avoid PPC misclassification for the risks you insure

Incomplete or changing information can leave properties misclassified in terms of fire protection. Stay current on the risks you insure with PPC.

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Distance alone could put you on the wrong road

Verisk research shows that for one in five addresses, the closest fire station is not the first to respond in an emergency. Learn more in our white paper, The Distance Fallacy in Fire Protection.

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Evaluating fire protection at the grass roots

Insurers measuring fire protection in a community need information about which station is designated to respond first to a given address, the makeup of those stations, water sources, and a host of other data points. Such knowledge depends on long-term relationships—the kind ISO has developed with fire services from the largest city departments to the smallest rural volunteer companies.

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Trust, experience give PPC an edge in rating fire protection

Fire protection in the United States has evolved over two centuries, and it’s still changing in large and small ways. Any measure of its effectiveness requires carefully cultivated trust from the fire service that the evaluators are fair and knowledgeable.