ISO MarketStance


How can you as an insurer grow profitably amid the complexity of the insurance market while providing excellent service to your existing customers?

Data is key

ISO MarketStance helps you distill and synthesize geographic, industry, and size-of-business data into reports and visualizations to support decision making.

Searching for more profitable growth opportunities in the Small Commercial market?

The quest for profitable growth—especially in the Small Commercial Market—depends heavily on local insight. If you’re searching for ideas on how to effectively grow your Small Commercial Market business, download our white paper to gain a greater understanding of effective, profitable growth strategies in this key—yet sometimes elusive—segment.

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 Appetite Profiler

See how opportunities in different geographies and business classes align with your underwriting appetite. Dashboards include four-year premium-growth forecasts.

Commercial Insight

Empower your research, product development, distribution, and underwriting with economic, demographic, and commercial insurance data at the county and ZIP code levels with ISO’s flagship commercial market opportunity product.

agent broke insight icon Agent/Broker Insight

This complete view of U.S. agency and broker contact and operational data supports channel planning, goal setting, and decision making with detailed agent/broker profiles..

advisor product icon Advisor Products

Leverage our sophisticated Commercial Insight data even further with:

  • Growth Advisor
  • Commercial Auto Advisor
  • Inland Marine Advisor
  • Special Liability Advisor

commercial habit icon Commercial Habitational

Conduct a multidimensional analysis of apartment and condo markets by property location. Quantify risk within a certain distance to the coast as well as segment admitted versus surplus premium for properties residing in Gulf and Atlantic coast states.

new busines text New Business Insight

Optimize prospecting efforts and/or enrich existing policy records with our robust commercial business data. Profile individual businesses with our operational and commercial insurance benchmark data on more than 22 million companies. 

Customized for your needs

ISO MarketStance can design custom data, reports, maps, and dashboards specific to a client’s business requirements.