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How can you be in a better position to profitably grow your commercial lines business in a complex and rapidly changing market?

ISO MarketStance solutions distill and synthesize geographic, industry, and size-of-business data into reports and visualizations that help support critical strategic decisions. The solutions provide insurers with granular insight into the marketplace, helping them to spot trends, identify opportunities, and develop plans to facilitate growth.

Customized for your needs

ISO MarketStance can design custom data, reports, and maps specific to a client’s business requirements.

Pursuing new markets can be challenging. See how Verisk's ecosystem can help.

A Building Boost: Construction Premiums Expected to Rise 10% in 2021

Marketstance Forecast Report

A Building Boost: Construction Premiums Expected to Rise 10% in 2021

New construction and business formation have increased substantially despite the pandemic, providing an opportunity for commercial lines growth. Read the ISO MarketStance Commercial Lines Forecast – March Update to learn more.

COVID-19 likely caused over 1M insured businesses to close

What will 2021 bring for commercial lines?

Forecasting the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on U.S. Commercial Lines

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Forecasting the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on U.S. Commercial Lines

With 1.1 million insured businesses expected to close in 2020 alone, the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is projected to be extensive and long lasting. How will it impact your commercial lines insurance business?

How well do you think you can find jet streams of economic opportunity in this market?

Assured Research

Access this Assured Research paper, utilizing ISO MarketStance forecast data, for an important industry outlook on three critical coverage areas and the exposure units that drive premiums: liability insurance and sales, workers compensation and payrolls, and property premiums and operating locations.

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Make the most of market movements

Make The Most Of Market Movements

Make the most of market movements

External economic factors can play an outsized role in the development of commercial lines businesses. Our insurance consultants can help you leverage the granular data and analytics in ISO MarketStance to better understand market trends and how they may affect lines of business, business classes and your strategic direction.

Additional insights

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Learn how the COVID-19 pandemic impact small commercial insurance lines.

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How Assured Research uses ISO MarketStance to help it find economic jet streams

Learn how Assured Research leverages ISO MarketStance to help their insurance clients navigate challenging markets.

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Taking the temperature of commercial lines insurance markets in July 2020

Learn how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting U.S. commercial insurance lines.

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