Robust and reliable loss costs data is part of the critical resources needed to build a strong business.

Just as steel and concrete compressed with fine particles can form high-strength superstructures, ISO's Loss Costs are the powerful, granular raw materials that can help build the framework for solid pricing.

Loss costs by the numbers:



pricing circulars a year



statistical records processed every year



records drive loss cost development



year steward of industry data


Unrivaled data assets to build from:

  • Industry-leading loss cost data sets
  • State-regulator approved*
  • Timely, validated data to help make informed decisions
  • Trusted benchmark and trend resource to support pricing accuracy

*Where applicable

The strength of ISO Loss Costs:

  • Reduce internal underwriting and marketing biases with aggregated data
  • Calculate profitability targets, negotiate reinsurance, and determine loss reserves
  • Search granular data by coverage, state, territory, and class
  • Consult ISO’s renowned, dedicated actuarial team to help answer your questions
  • Leverage ISO Loss Costs to help reduce the compliance and regulatory burden


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What you should know about ISO Lost Costs

Read how ISO Loss Costs help support a successful property/casualty insurance business.

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Trusted answers built upon deep, granular data

At the core of ISO Loss Costs is one of the world’s largest insurance-specific databases. Representing nearly three quarters of industry premium for commercial lines and one third for personal lines, this database provides a solid foundation for developing benchmarks, complements of credibility, and rating insight.

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