ISO Loss Cost Customizer



ISO Loss Cost CustomizerSM is a software tool that helps you manage revisions to ISO's advisory prospective loss costs.

With ISO Loss Cost Customizer, you can easily evaluate the effect of an ISO revision on your own book of business and modify the loss costs to suit your company's needs. You get better, faster actuarial and marketing decisions—and streamlined implementation of your rate changes.

Here's how it works

Now available for general liability, ISO Loss Cost Customizer works with ISO IntegRater™—the system that lets critical rating information flow smoothly into your company's rating systems.


To use ISO Loss Cost Customizer, start by importing your own company data—loss costs or rates and premium weights for individual classes. (You can import Excel files, or, if you've adopted the ISO IntegRater format, use those files.) That's the "current" version. (For ease of use, ISO Loss Cost Customizer includes industrywide weights, derived from aggregate data reported to ISO, for the individual classes.)


Next get the ISO revision—the "target" version—from ISO IntegRater. (You can also import target versions from other sources and in other formats, as needed.)

If you've imported your own company's weights, you can now see the effect of the revision on your book of business. Select "Compare Loss Costs," and ISO Loss Cost Customizer will calculate the percentage changes you'd get by moving from the current version to the target version. The percentage changes are available in detail—by individual class within subline and territory. Using your selected weights, you can also get weighted averages at other levels of detail—class group, territory, and statewide.


Now, edit and modify the target version using a wide variety of customization features.

You can:

  • Edit loss costs
  • Compare loss costs and cap — to set minimum and maximum percentage changes for each class and territory
  • Compare loss costs and cap with buildback — to offset the effects of caps on the overall statewide change
  • Override experience change — to select a different overall change for the entire state or for individual territories or class groups
  • Create and apply user-defined factors
  • Apply loss cost multipliers to calculate rates

You can also create and apply increased limits factors at a single user-specified limit or at average limits to develop new loss cost versions.

Options for storing, exporting, and printing

ISO Loss Cost Customizer gives you many options for storing and exporting your work for use in other systems. You can use the ISO IntegRater format to feed your customized loss costs into your own rating system.

You can also print professional-looking exhibits for use in filings and worksheets for back-up documentation. And ISO Loss Cost Customizer can produce rate pages and loss cost displays with the look and formatting of a rating manual.