Rating information on demand

Now, with ISO IntegRater™, insurers and managing general agents (MGAs) can get electronic data delivery of ISO loss costs and rating factors, in a delimited format for use in company databases and rating systems.

What you’ll get

  • Faster, more timely access to ISO rating information—no more rekeying factors and loss-cost information from ISO paper documents
  • Uniform data delivery that flows smoothly into databases, such as Microsoft® Excel and Microsoft Access, for use in your rating and policy-issuance systems, and for easy access by your actuarial departments
  • The ability to implement rate changes quickly upon approval of state filings

Designed for insurance companies and MGAs, ISO IntegRater lets you input your own company rate information and use ISO's table format in conjunction with your own rating system.

iso integrater 1.jpg

How ISO IntegRater works

To start, you'll get a CD-ROM containing the current ISO loss costs and rating factors for the states in which you participate. Whenever there's a change, you'll be able to download the new information from ISOnet®—the Internet information service for insurance professionals. The updates will map directly to the ISO approval circulars.

Lines of business

ISO IntegRater is available for:

  • Businessowners
  • Commercial auto
  • Commercial inland marine
  • Commercial package premium modification factors
  • Commercial property
  • Crime and fidelity
  • General liability