As a filing agent, ISO can handle the intricacies of filings and filing changes associated with ISO programs. You can adopt rule and form revisions—when approved by regulators—that we file on your behalf. Of course, you can also deviate from those filings if you prefer.

ISO offers Filing Authorization for rules and forms as allowed by law. ISO does not offer Filing Authorization Service for lines of business now handled by statutory rating organizations in certain states.

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Your filing options

Subject to all applicable state laws, you may choose to:

  • Have ISO filings apply on your behalf
  • Make filings on your own for any line or subdivision of a line (even though you may have authorized ISO to file on your behalf)
  • Use a combination of these approaches

You must be a member or subscriber to participate for Filing Authorization. You must also participate for State Service rules and/or forms in the states where you want ISO to act as your filing agent.