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Verisk’s Farm Insurance Program

Do you have the right solutions to cover and price today’s evolving farm risks?

From small to large farms, Verisk’s Farm Insurance Program provides the forms, rules, loss costs, and rating-related information to help drive your farm insurance business to greener pastures.

Flexible farm insurance solutions

Verisk Farm Insurance Solutions

Farm risks are evolving. Today’s small‑to‑large sized farms aren’t simply dedicated to nurturing livestock and crops. They’re destinations with a pick-your-own potpourri of agritourism options.

That’s why today’s farm insurers need a flexible program that can help manage the risk exposures of the 21st century farm—from hayseeds to hayrides.

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Risk exposures of the 21st century farm

Silo On Farm

Risk exposures of the 21st century farm

Most farms are designed for raising crops and livestock, not entertaining visitors. With new attractions, come new risks.

Insurance underwriting solutions for farms

Trusted ISO forms

With policy language adapted from other industry-leading Verisk programs, such as personal property, homeowners, and general liability, the Verisk Farm Program can help you confidently underwrite a diverse range of farm risks including:

  • Agritainment exposures
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Product recalls due to food-borne illnesses
  • Debris removal
  • Pollution
  • Genetically modified organisms
  • Animal-related injuries
  • Wind and hail damage

Rules, loss costs, and rating-related information

When it comes to pricing farm risks, we’ve carefully cultivated a set of trusted rules, loss costs, and rating-related information backed by one of the world’s largest databases of insurance statistics and a deep roster of experienced actuaries.

With the Verisk Farm Program, you can benefit from the credible, statistically robust farm loss cost and premium data that Verisk has been collecting and analyzing for decades.

Virtual property inspection technology

Aerial View Of A Farm

Virtual property inspection technology

Performing a thorough physical inspection of agricultural properties can be inconvenient and frustrating for customers.

OneXperience™ makes it easy to change your approach with quick and efficient access to accurate, current data that helps enhance your customer’s experience and improves your risk selection. Meet the unique challenges of agricultural property inspection without exposure to biohazards, dangerous machinery, or other barriers to access.

Harmonize your farm policy forms


Harmonize your farm policy forms

Research, create, and edit policy language across multiple states and lines of business with ease using Mozart Form Composer®.

Mozart’s analytical technology creates a different way to look at your company’s forms and helps to easily compare and review documents and individual clauses to help shorten the product and rationalization processes.

Big agriculture meets big data

Farm Land

Big agriculture meets big data

Need to insure medium-to-large size, complex agricultural businesses?

The Verisk Agri-CAP® Program was developed to address the unique risk exposures of agricultural businesses such as meat and agricultural processors, ranches, grain storage facilities, and more.

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