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Verisk’s ISO Electronic Rating Content™ (ERC™)

Want to significantly reduce the amount of time and effort you put into updating your rating content?

Verisks ISO ERC helps you keep up with changing advisory loss costs, rules, and forms so you can devote more energy to revenue-generating activities. Streamline your update process and spend more time focusing on the business impact.

Rating-as-a-Service: A fresh new way to think about rating


Rating-as-a-Service: A fresh new way to think about rating

Commercial lines insurance is less complicated when your rating data comes from the experts who wrote the book on it. Discover how cloud-based rating content can help you write policies faster.

Watch our on-demand webinar to discover how Verisk’s new Rating-as-a-Service can help promote speed, accuracy, and automation

Deliver Speed and Value with the Latest in ISO Rating Tech

Through Dais Technology, an ERC vendor partner, RaaS capabilities can be extended to customize ISO insurance programs for client-specific deviations.

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Save Time and Resources: How to Rate Policies in Real-Time

Insurance carriers and their vendors spend countless hours updating their rating data to stay current with industry changes. But what if there was a better way?

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Verisk’s ISO Electronic Rating Content

Verisk Iso Electronic Rating Content

Keeping current with regulatory changes and updates to Verisk’s commercial lines programs can be expensive and time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be.

Discover how Verisk’s expanded deployment models simplify how you receive and consume the information. Learn about new ERC features, including automated testing and validation.

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Deployment options

Verisks ISO ERC is now available in more easy-to-use options than ever.

Next Generation Verisk ISO ERC Solution: Digital Access to ISO Loss Costs, Rules, and Forms

Celent Report Next Gen Iso Electronic Rating Content

Does a cloud-based solution with greater agility, flexibility, and efficiency sound good to you?

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Verisk’s ISO ERC is available for these ISO programs

Verisks ISO ERC also supports non-ISO lines, including workers compensation.

Pick your Verisk rating partners wisely

Erc Strategic Alliances

Pick your Verisk rating partners wisely

Think all rating and policy admin technology vendors are created equal? Think again.

There can be a significant difference between ISO Commercial Lines Manual-based rating engines developed by vendors licensing ISO ERC and rating engines from a vendor that doesn’t use ISO ERC.

Additional insights

Rating Engine Vendors

What insurers need to know about ISO Commercial Lines Manual rating engine vendors

Here's the difference between an insurance rating engine that uses ISO Electronic Rating Content™ (ISO ERC) and one that doesn't.

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Erc Rating Comic

Stop hitting snooze on your rating updates

Is the process of updating your commercial lines insurance rating content keeping you up nights? It's time for a cloud rating engine.

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How innovative insurers can launch commercial lines products faster

Learn how commercial lines insurers are leveraging the power of a standardized rating engine to help them spin up new products quickly.

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