Looking to jumpstart your implementation of ISO content for rating purposes?

ISO ERC+software provides a digital/electronic representation of the ISO Commercial Lines Manual with implementation details provided by the ISO line and actuarial experts who write the manuals. No one else can say that!

Available to carriers, MGAs and policy administration system (PAS) vendors, ISO ERC+software includes:


Rating data from the ISO Commercial Lines Manual

  • advisory loss costs
  • limits
  • deductibles

Rules for acting on that rating data for:

  • premium calculations
  • forms attachment logic
  • statistical code assignment
  • validation messages

All of this logic is fully automated and delivered within a robust rating engine

You get the rating engine and configuration software so you can implement your deviations from the ISO base.

Key features

ISO ERC+software is the only system of its kind to provide:

Ongoing definition of rating rules by ISO actuarial and insurance line experts

ISO content supported by updates from new circulars issued

Technical specifications file that facilitates company maintenance and analysis of ISO updates

Rate-management tools that facilitate company maintenance and analysis of ISO updates

Component-based, XML-driven design that facilitates integration with quote and policy-administration systems

Automated Release Notes - easy-to-understand business documentation describing ISO changes

Sample test case

Your custom-content development process

Once you've integrated ISO ERC+software into your policy admin system, your next step is to begin the custom-content development process. 
While the timetable for this process depends on your company's customization needs, the steps should include:




Once you’ve completed the initial implementation, the process becomes circular in nature as you decide to adopt ISO updates and/or modify your insurance programs.