Insurance regulations keep changing. So does ISO rating content for commercial lines.

Integrating both has never been easier. Get the only source of ISO-interpreted content directly from ISO to your platform faster than ever.

The system you rely on to deliver the latest ISO rating content is entering the next generation 

Leveraging the existing value from ERC 1.0, and adding new cloud-based technology, expanded deployment options, and new functionality makes ERC 2.0 faster, easier to use and more powerful than ever before.

The ease and efficiency of ERC 2.0 delivered straight from the cloud

  • API connectivity to gather content from ERC
  • Faster, easier access to the latest ISO content

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Find what you need fast

There are many factors that influence the product you take to market and many ways you want to view the data. ERC 2.0 streamlines that with a searchable database that lets you query, filter, and extract ISO rating content across lines, states, and coverages. And all ISO data comes straight from ISO, to keep you current on advisory loss costs, rules, and forms.

All systems go

No need to start over and learn a whole new system. ERC 2.0 will use ACORD XML policy standards that many carriers have deployed to adopt ISO rating content through a cloud-based Rating-as-a-Service. Or import the content directly into your own rating engine if you prefer. Either way, you have choices and both make it easy to work with the ISO content!


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Explore commercial auto opportunities with three ISO solutions

Leveraging with ISO ERC, Vehicle Prefill, and RACA, insurers can more quickly develop and introduce new products with speed, efficiency, confidence and results.

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