What Customers Are Saying About Us

“Harford Mutual has a long-standing partnership with ISO, and now has extended its partnership with the purchase of ISO Electronic Rating Content (ERC). The ISO ERC product will give Harford Mutual a unique way to leverage ISO-based content, by enabling Harford Mutual to bring products, and product changes, to market more quickly and accurately. The ISO ERC product significantly reduces product configuration and the associated maintenance effort. Giving the ability to quickly adopt new ISO updates and keep up-to-date in the market will give Harford Mutual a distinct advantage in the property and casualty insurance space.”

Brian P. Holloway
Harford Mutual

“ISO was able to provide us a complete solution allowing us to build an automated underwriting process. The service and support are excellent, and we have developed an alliance that will support our business into the future.”

Eric Micheals
Hiscox USA

“The benefits well outweigh the challenges, and we would recommend that any carrier operating across multiple states seriously consider using ISO ERC.“

J. Swegle
Midvale Indemnity Insurance Company

Here’s what else customers are saying about ISO ERC Suite:

“Using ISO [ERC+software], what used to take us 2 weeks now takes us 2 days.”

“With pre-built ISO content, we were able to enter a new market and gain new business that we never could possibly have done otherwise. We went from licensing the product to production in under 2 months!”

“Their customer support is great – they are responsive and reliable!”

“The algorithms are really quite intuitive. Our team picked them up really fast and have found great value in them.”

“Staying current with ISO is a strategic goal for us…and with automated content from ISO, we are achieving that. We are able to take every circular ISO issues and put it into production. And we are supporting 6 lines of business across 50 states!”

“Historically, we have had a lot of internal debates about what is ISO and what is a deviation. Since we support multiple areas, each had their own views and everyone felt they were ‘straight ISO’. With the algorithms, we now know what ISO is -- so we just say ‘This is ISO – if you want to deviate, fine.’ That saves us a lot of time.”

“I trust ISO content from ISO much more than from anyone else!”

“They are fast too. Sometimes, we receive the automated content the same day the approved circular is issued. You cannot get it any faster than that!”

“We couldn’t do this without ISO ERC.”

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Revolutionize the P&C rating space by consistently providing a high quality, timely, and actionable portrayal of the ISO Commercial Lines Manual that is constantly updated with new ISO circular information. We will earn and maintain customers for life through our exceptional service, such that customers view us as partners in their success.