ISO ERC Suite Components

Automated Release Notes and Automated Maintenance Feed

In our ongoing effort to help insurers manage the volume of ISO circular changes more efficiently, we’ve introduced two enhancements, Automated Release Notes and Automated Maintenance Feed, that you’ll receive — at no extra cost — along with the full version of each new release of updated ISO rating content.

Automated Release Notes

With our new Automated Release Notes, it’s more efficient than ever to identify changes to rating data and rating logic through easy-to-understand business documentation describing the changes. We use an automated comparison tool to accurately and comprehensively identify all changes. Then we group together all changes associated with a specific circular and list them under the circular number. You get a simplified Microsoft Word format that makes it easier to read and identify the changes.

Automated Maintenance Feed

Our Automated Maintenance Feed transforms your ongoing maintenance process by enabling automated consumption of new ISO circulars and other updates. We provide a single XML file containing just the information, data, and algorithms associated with the changes. You get all the necessary details for changes implemented within the current release of the rating content. This saves you time and reduces the amount of effort and overhead needed to incorporate the changes into your system. We not only tell you that a table has change entries, but also the specific before-after values for each change.

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