ISO Circular Tracking Extract

The ISO Circular Tracking Extract provides a handy compilation of important circular information — all in one consolidated Excel file.

The extract contains information for all circulars issued that day, including the circular number and title, the circular effective date, line of business, state, filing number, status of action (such as filed or approved), and related circulars for more information. The structured format of this extract enables insurers to systematically feed their circular tracking system.

On average, ISO issues more than 75 circulars each week. Having all the pertinent circular information clearly listed in an Excel spreadsheet makes it much easier for insurers to prioritize and incorporate new circular information into their workflow. Using this service can free up valuable resources insurers can reallocate elsewhere.


The ISO Circular Tracking Extract is available for both line (LI) and statistical plan (SP) circulars for all ISO lines. ISO will customize your daily extract to include the specific lines of business and states in your company subscription.

Format and Frequency

Every business day, you'll receive the extract by email in your choice of either a Microsoft Excel .xls file or .xlsx file.

Fast, easy way to track vital circular information

For ease of use, the ISO Circular Tracking Extract format contains the following fields:

  • Circular release date
  • State
  • Bureau (this column will be only "ISO")
  • Line of Business
  • Circular Number (with hyperlink to the full circular on ISOnet)
  • Circular Title
  • Service Type (Loss Costs, Rules, Forms)
  • Action/Topic
  • Effective Date/Distribution Date
  • Filing ID
  • References (from the Circular "Reference" section

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