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The Verisk Data Exchange™

DrivingDNA® Mileage

How can data from connected cars point you to more accurate mileage-based rating?

The Verisk Data Exchange™ connects your mileage-based auto program with verified, historical odometer readings from millions of consenting connected car owners, spanning multiple leading automakers.

Gain unmatched access to connected car data

Enhance your mileage-based auto insurance program with verified odometer readings from multiple leading automakers, representing nearly 50 percent of U.S. new vehicle sales.


Refine an existing rating factor with timely, verified data

Increase Lift

Refine an existing rating factor with timely, verified data

Self-reported mileage can be unreliable, and third-party sources maybe out of date. Many insurers have abandoned mileage altogether because of these data quality and accessibility issues.

Millions of connected cars in the Verisk Data Exchange™ report odometer readings after every trip. This reliable, verified data addresses long-standing challenges, is easily accessible through a single API, and can help you improve rating integrity.

Deliver accurate quotes and mileage-based discounts

Deliver Accurate Quotes

Deliver accurate quotes and mileage-based discounts

Whether you use odometer readings for dynamic pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) pricing or within a traditional auto plan, we deliver DrivingDNA Mileage through a single API in near-real time at the point of quote or renewal – or continuously.

Use DrivingDNA Mileage to streamline your purchase process, calculate mileage-based discounts and premiums more accurately, and enhance the customer experience for millions of eligible consumers.

Increase lift and boost competitiveness

Increase Lift And Boost Competitiveness

Increase lift and boost competitiveness

Annual mileage strongly correlates with losses, but many insurers struggle to obtain high-confidence odometer readings. Under-reported mileage can cause premium leakage. Over time, this issue can skew mileage bands, bend loss ratio curves, and impact your book’s profitability.

DrivingDNA Mileage uses historical odometer readings to calculate personalized annual driving patterns based on real-world data. Across your book, this can yield a significant premium lift.

Benefits of DrivingDNA Mileage

DrivingDNA Mileage: Powered by the Verisk Data Exchange

Driving Dna Mileage

DrivingDNA Mileage: Powered by the Verisk Data Exchange

The Verisk Data Exchange connects you with verified odometer readings from consenting drivers of millions of vehicles across multiple leading automakers. DrivingDNA Mileage harnesses the reporting capabilities of these connected cars to help you improve the accuracy and profitability of your mileage-based auto program.

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