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FAQs: Driving History Solutions


If reliable MVR service matters to you, consider how Verisk can help you build out a complete solution.

Q: How long has Verisk been providing motor vehicle reports (MVRs) to its customers?
A: Verisk has been providing driving history solutions for several decades, and we’re well versed in meeting our customers’ underwriting needs. We service tens of thousands of customers in the MVR space, assisting both personal and commercial lines insurers as well as employers and commercial insureds across the United States.

Q: Can insurers employ a dual-vendor strategy for accessing MVRs?
A: Yes. Redundancy enables continuous access to critical rating information, mitigating the risk of business disruption. Minimizing the likelihood of outages is a way to keep operations running smoothly.

Q: Where are MVRs available?
A: MVRs can be accessed in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Several Canadian provinces are also available.

Q: Are MVRs appropriate for use with new-business applications and policy renewals?
A: Motor vehicle reports can be obtained during any period useful to an insurer’s underwriting process. Batch options for bulk orders are often used and provide next-day delivery at a reduced cost. Other options are available for risk management, including a Driver Monitoring program.

Q: Are there solutions to help control underwriting costs?
A: Yes. Verisk employs several different cost-containment methods to help reduce underwriting spend on traditional MVRs.

Q: How can I learn more about Verisk’s MVR program and pricing?
A: Interested insurers should contact Verisk for information and pricing.

Interested in obtaining reliable MVR service, request contact from a Verisk Sales Representative

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