Underwriting cyber coverage is hard—and the challenges are only increasing as the world becomes more interconnected.

Demand for commercial cyber insurance is expected soon to exceed $6 billion in annual premiums.1 Do you have the tools you need to seize this opportunity?

Verisk’s Cyber Underwriting Report offers a solution

With dozens of dynamic, evolving variables, writing cyber coverage efficiently and effectively every day is a challenge. Incomplete data on prospective clients, a lack of cyber loss history, and gaps in day-to-day processes further interfere with the quick and profitable underwriting of new business.


Drawing on multiple internal and external sources of technographic and firmographic information, Verisk’s Cyber Underwriting Report provides:

  • A cyber score to help with risk selection
  • A score comparing the cyber risk of a company and its industry peers to all other industries
  • A score for annual average probability of data compromise and business interruption related to cloud downtime

The report provides actionable insights from:

  • Risk modeling based on 12.4 million actual cyber exposures
  • Analyses informed by security data, nearly 100,000 historical cyber incidents, and cyber insurance claims
  • Machine learning and stochastic modeling to derive frequency and severity measures

Commercial Cyber Liability Market Sizing White Paper

Cyber liability risk is rapidly permeating every business that has any dependence on digital technology—very few enterprises are exempt. Rapid growth is expected as the market matures.

See where the commercial cyber liability market will grow by 2020.

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Helping cyber underwriters make better decisions faster

Learn more about today’s cyber threat environment and how Verisk’s new Cyber Underwriting Report uses machine learning, stochastic modeling, and historical data to help cyber underwriters make better, faster decisions every day.

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