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ContentsTrack Object Recognition

Accelerate your pack-out

Accelerate your pack out

Ipad Pack Out

Accelerate your pack out

Identifying and documenting contents items used to be a time intensive multi-step process. AI-powered object recognition turns this into a single step: Simply point your device’s camera at the contents item and it'll be instantly recognized and categorized — saving you precious labor time and money.

Object recognition is included with every ContentsTrack job.

How it works

Contentstrack How It Works

How it works

ContentsTrack uses AI-enhanced object recognition, which allows it to visually identify, understand, and recommend inventory items just by looking at them. It’s intuitive, and it dramatically speeds up inventorying.

  1. Open ContentsTrack and enable object recognition
  2. Scan your mobile device’s camera over the damaged items
  3. Confirm object identities and add them to your inventory

FRSTeam uses object recognition


Object Recognition in ContentsTrack

FRSTeam uses object recognition

When FRSTeam’s Holly Murry discovered the ease and simplicity of automatic object recognition in ContentsTrack, she immediately recognized its value in speeding inventorying and adding additional transparency to the restoration process.

How to order ContentsTrack

1. Visit the online store or contact sales.

2. Go to and log in.

3. Download the ContentsTrack app for your mobile device(s) from the App Store or Google Play.


4. Once you’re set up, you can purchase additional jobs through the app.

Higher volumes mean bigger discounts. Please contact Verisk sales for enterprise pricing.

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