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No more duplicate entry

When you complete your inventory in ContentsTrack, it takes a click of a mouse button to send your work to Xactimate or XactContents, where Xactware’s extensive pricing data can help you quickly estimate cleaning costs, replacement costs, and to purchase replacement items through Xactware’s array of merchant partners.

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Significant time savings

ContentsTrack helps you document and track your jobs in half the time you spend today. Using a web browser and tablet computers, ContentsTrack simplifies and automates cataloging, categorizing, and tracking personal property that needs to be stored, cleaned, or replaced. Intuitive and easy to use, ContentsTrack can help thoroughly document and track a personal-property loss.

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Complete chain of custody

ContentsTrack helps you systematically organize and catalog contents by room, and allows several employees to inventory and photograph the contents of several rooms at the same time. Photos documenting the condition of items at the time of the pack out are seamlessly linked to the file, and a barcode system helps to track all the contents from pack out to pack back – documenting each item’s chain of custody the entire time.

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Build customer satisfaction

With the complete chain-of-custody at your fingertips you always know how the job is progressing and where items are. And it doesn't just help you and your team work faster and smarter – it helps build customer confidence and satisfaction. When a customer asks about a lamp, it takes seconds to report that it’s currently at the cleaning station.

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