Commercial Umbrella Program | Forms, Rules, Rating Procedures

Whether you're a small, medium, or large insurer, you can cover your customers with the ISO Commercial Umbrella Program.

Designed for use over the commercial general liability (CGL) and commercial auto policies, the ISO Commercial Umbrella Program includes policy forms, endorsements, and rules. The program also works over the garage or businessowners (BOP) policies.

The ISO Commercial Umbrella Program offers your customers:

  • excess coverage over the underlying policy's limits (for when a claim is for an amount greater than the underlying policy's limits)
  • "drop-down" coverage (for when prior claims have exhausted the underlying policy's limits)
  • broader coverage than that provided by the underlying policy (for coverage not provided by underlying policies)

If you don't have your own commercial umbrella forms and rules, you can expand your business with ISO's Commercial Umbrella Program. And if you already maintain your own forms for commercial umbrella, you'll enjoy substantial savings by using ISO's program.

Here's what you get with the ISO Commercial Umbrella Program:

  • standardized policy-contract language that comes from existing, court-tested forms
  • automatic updates in response to legislative, judicial, and regulatory changes
  • automatic revisions whenever we file CGL or commercial auto changes that affect the program
  • an approved rating procedure, so you won't need to develop and file your own rates or rating procedures

For more information . . .

. . . on the ISO Commercial Umbrella Program — or to get in touch with a sales representative — contact ISO. You can also call us at 1-800-888-4476.