Bring insurers, policyholders, and the entire claims team together

ClaimXperience is a collaborative, claims handling platform that lets you connect to your policyholder early and exchange constant updates with the whole claims team. It’s a cloud-based collaboration portal that gets claims resolved faster and with fewer expenses.



Video collaboration shortens cycle times

Using live video collaboration inside the ClaimXperience app, you can review damage through your policyholder’s phone and start writing the estimate before — and sometimes without — visiting the site in person.

Streamline and standardize the way your team works

ClaimXperience comes with dozens of pre-built forms your team can use to handle various types of claims, information requests, and work tasks.

If your business has a unique problem or process, you can build a custom form directly in ClaimXperience so that the work happens uniformly across your team.


InsurTech takes custom forms further

Thanks to Vai (Verisk artificial intelligence and automation), automated integrations between ClaimXperience custom forms and Xactimate help you estimate faster. Set up a few simple rules for your forms, and the act of filling them out will automatically trigger line items to appear in your estimate.

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