Digital Data

Improve investigations with prior loss photos

It’s the type of fraud that often gets missed: old damage passed off as new on property claims. But now there’s a perfect way to identify this kind of misrepresentation:

Prior loss images in ISO ClaimSearch

How does it work?

ISO ClaimSearch members who submit digital images to the database can now view photos from prior losses on match reports at no additional cost. This new feature helps you:

  • Streamline claim investigations
  • Investigate prior losses more thoroughly
  • Increase productivity through better cost and time efficiencies
  • Save time by viewing loss images on match reports

How can my company participate?

When you sign up to use digital images, you participate in a “submit to see” feature, which means your company agrees to submit digital loss images to ISO ClaimSearch and you’ll be able to view photos from other contributing companies.

Maximize your ISO ClaimSearch membership by joining the digital media initiative today! Sign up for this new feature by contacting Josh Louwagie at or call him at 201-517-2783