Digital Media Database

Detect preexisting damage and fraud in digital images

Get easy access to prior-loss photos to detect preexisting damage and use image forensics to uncover potential image fraud with Verisk’s digital media database.

Loss photos are used in 70% of auto estimates among some insurance carriers

Evaluate prior-loss photos in ISO ClaimSearch

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Evaluate prior-loss photos in ISO ClaimSearch

The digital media database is a free enhancement to ISO ClaimSearch® that allows claim handlers to evaluate preexisting damage quickly. No need to contact other carriers to request photos. Prior-loss images are attached to match reports.

Uncover the hidden risk in loss images

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Learn how the solution leverages contributory data and cutting-edge image forensics to detect potential fraud.

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Submission Icon Ensures submitted images weren’t downloaded from the Internet
Location Checkpoint Icon Indicates if image date and location correspond with claim information
Computer Icon Analyzes all new photos added to the database to identify duplicates

Estimating claims remotely?

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Estimating claims remotely?

Learn how you can mitigate the rising fraud risk associated with virtual claim inspections.

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