How to Get the Most Out of ClaimDirector

Insurance fraud may be an industrywide problem, but it affects every carrier differently. For that reason, ClaimDirectorSM is not a one-size–fits–all claims scoring system. You can — and should — customize the tool to reflect the specific needs and challenges of your company.

To integrate ClaimDirector into your ISO ClaimSearch® workflow effectively, keep the following in mind:

  1. You can customize your ClaimDirector thresholds based on your internal standards, investigation resources, and objectives.
  2. ClaimDirector comes with thousands of rules. While it provides some benefit out of the box, customizing the rules to meet your company’s specific needs will generate the best results. Take advantage of the opportunity to customize fraud indicators, claim characteristics, rules, and thresholds.
  3. You can implement ClaimDirector rapidly. But a fast launch isn’t always the most appropriate approach. Think about how you want to integrate with other systems in your infrastructure, and whether you want to batch submit with your Universal Format feed.
  4. You can set up e-mail alerts in ClaimDirector to tell you when a claim exceeds the scoring threshold you’ve set. Streamlined notification makes it easier to refer more cases for further investigation.

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