How ClaimDirector Works

ClaimDirectorSM integrates seamlessly with ISO ClaimSearch® to provide an end-to-end system for preventing insurance fraud.

With ClaimDirector, claims scoring becomes part of the process of submitting a claim to ISO ClaimSearch. A total claim score serves as the guideline for adjusters to help determine whether they should expedite or investigate a claim.

How does ClaimDirector work?

  1. Your claims adjuster reports a claim to ISO ClaimSearch based on your company’s submission process.
  2. ClaimDirector analyzes the attributes of the claim, along with information from any matching claims in the ISO ClaimSearch database.
  3. ClaimDirector compares those attributes against proven fraud indicators appropriate for the claim.
  4. ClaimDirector assigns a weight to each characteristic according to the type of claim, line of business, loss date, and loss type.
  5. ClaimDirector uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze all components and calculate a score. The score reflects your company’s customized values and thresholds.
  6. Your claims adjuster uses the score as a guideline to help determine if he or she should process the claim quickly or conduct an additional investigation.

Using ClaimDirector, you get easy-to-use information that can help your claims adjusters process claims quickly and efficiently.

ClaimDirector will help your company:

  • fast-track meritorious claims for improved customer service
  • identify suspicious claims
  • fight fraud
  • improve your financial results

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