Circulars on ISOnet



ISOnet®—the information service for insurance professionals—offers you access to all ISO circulars issued since January 1, 1995.

Every day, ISO circulars give you vital information on industry developments and ISO activities. Circulars deliver information on ISO filings for loss costs, rules, forms, and statistical plans, as well as actuarial data and analysis and other important insurance topics.

On average, we issue more than 75 circulars each week. Since 1995, we've issued more than 30,000 circulars—and all of them are available on ISOnet.

You can download circulars as PDF or Microsoft® Word documents.

Circulars are available only to ISO participating insurance companies.

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Circular Alert Service

You can also sign up for ISO's personalized Circular Alert Service. You'll receive a daily email notifying you of the latest circular releases. The email provides the title of each circular, so you can quickly identify new ISO activity that may affect your operations or require your action. You also get a convenient link to the circular itself on ISOnet.

From the circular sign-up page in ISOnet, you can choose the types of circulars, lines of business, services, and states for which you want notification.

Actuarial circulars in Excel and Word format

And now, if you subscribe to ISO's Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights, you can also download AS circulars from ISOnet as PDF files and a combination of Microsoft Word 2003 documents (circular text) and Excel spreadsheets (circular exhibits).