Improve investigation case management and eliminate inefficiencies

Special investigations units are experiencing new challenges with complex cases, increased fraud, and stringent regulatory requirements. Case Manager™ is a fully configurable fraud management solution that improves productivity and efficiency by automating triage, assignment, and compliance reporting.


Case Manager helps your SIU become a lean, efficient, and effective operation

Learn how the solution can lower expenses by simplifying investigations and vendor management.

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Manage investigative, intelligence, and regulatory functions in one place

Case Manager is an innovative platform that handles all your SIU operations from end to end. Its dynamic features help SIU managers:

  • Streamline case management with customizable investigative workflows
  • Eliminate mundane administrative tasks with AI-driven automations
  • Access data from ISO ClaimSearch® or any third-party system through seamless integrations

Agile solution easily adapts to changing business needs

Whatever workflows you need, Case Manager can conform—even for managing complex, multi-jurisdiction case investigations. The solution’s modern interface and digital Kanban tool make it easy to manage and prioritize your work. Plus, it’s a SaaS platform with minimal IT lift.

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Automation and AI are transforming fraud detection

Revolutionizing the Resolution Process

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Expedite case investigations and improve your bottom line

  • Shorten cycle times with automated intake and triage, compliance, and administrative tasks
  • Track cases in real time and get insights on business performance
  • Improve customer satisfaction by resolving meritorious claims faster

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