An easy-to-use weather analytics resource for insurers and service provider partners


Benchmark for XactAnalysis® and Xactimate®

Benchmark™ for XactAnalysis® and Benchmark for Xactimate® are collaborations between Xactware and Verisk – insurance solutions that let users quickly and accurately verify a weather peril claim. Its history database provides natural hazard analysis reports for weather events in near-real time, including property-specific date of loss (DOL) and history analysis for wind, hail, and lightning.

 The Hail History Reports in Benchmark for XactAnalysis improved our claims accuracy by giving us a tool to verify the date of loss the policyholder reported. The reports speed up our evaluation process for weather-related claims because we have the data instantly at our fingertips. Together, the improved accuracy and streamlined process result in higher policyholder satisfaction.  

— Gary J. Willis, Associate Director of Claims, Georgia Farm Bureau

With Benchmark for XactAnalysis users can:

  • minimize guesswork by field adjusters
  • reduce the number of inspections
  • reduce loss adjustment expenses through better management
  • identify vandalism or fraud at an early stage
  • quicken the claims process and reduce cycle times
  • order Benchmark weather reports for hail history, hail DOL, wind history, wind DOL, and lightning strikes
  • download Benchmark reports directly to an XactAnalysis assignment or Xactimate claims estimate

Use Benchmark reports in XactAnalysis or Xactimate

Current or new users can access Benchmark Integration within a claim in XactAnalysis and within the documents tab in Xactimate. In the claim assignment, users can access reports through the "select an action" drop down bar in XactAnalysis. You can automatically add Benchmark reports to the claim record or request them as needed.

Benchmark data helps ensure that claims are more accurate, timely, and economical.