An easy-to-use weather analytics resource for insurers and service provider partners


Three easy ways to order a Benchmark report or map

Ordering a Benchmark report or map for hail, wind, lightning and hurricane claims is easy and fast using your existing platforms and workflows. Here are three simple ways:

  1. Benchmark for XactAnalysis® and Xactimate® — To have reports delivered within Xactimate® or XactAnalysis®, contact a sales representative.
  2. Benchmark Web signup or login — New users can easily order reports and maps for hail, wind, and lightning in minutes.
  3. Download the mobile app for Benchmark-Mobile — Order hail reports and maps on your iPhone® or iPad®. The app is free and you pay only when you order a report or map

The Benchmark property-specific, natural hazard-history database provides a comprehensive record of all hail, wind, rain, lightning, and other hazards that occurred at each property. It’s the industry’s most comprehensive hail-fall detection and reporting resource for the United States and Canada.