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Benchmark® for Web and Mobile

Fast, accurate hail, wind, and lightning reports and maps

When a severe storm strikes, you can't afford to guess where to deploy your field teams. You need them working to get homeowners and businesses back on their feet immediately, not wasting time trying to reconcile disparate maps and data sources. The Benchmark® Web and Mobile address-specific hail, wind, and lightning reports and maps help catastrophe and claims teams validate the date and cause of loss of each claim quickly, increase accuracy, and improve claim cycle time.

Teams can also:

  • quickly identify wrong dates of loss or potential fraud
  • increase policyholder satisfaction and retention
  • reduce inspections

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Download the mobile app   for Benchmark-Mobile to order hail reports and maps on your iPhone® or iPad®. The app is free: you pay only when you order a report or map.

With fast, precise, industry-leading weather analytics tailored to your business, you can quickly gauge the poststorm effects neighborhood-by-neighborhood and move faster to ensure customer satisfaction.

Inaccurate hail claims

Benchmark delivers:

  • property-specific hail, lightning, and wind reports, with severity detail for each weather event
  • fast custom reports for other types of storms
  • easy-to-understand hail maps and wind maps that are accurate and detailed
  • Canadian hail reports and maps

The Benchmark property-specific natural hazard history database provides a comprehensive record of catastrophe and noncatastrophe hail, wind, rain, lightning, and other hazards that occurred at each property. It’s the industry’s most comprehensive hail-fall detection and reporting resource for the United States and Canada.

For more information about Benchmark:

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