360Value® for Personal Property


Replacement costs fluctuate for properties you insure when homeowners make improvements and building material prices rise and fall.

Reliable replacement cost estimates are essential to protect customers. These customers are beginning to demand a new way of doing business that puts the estimation process in their hands.

360Value helps property insurers meet evolving customer expectations, while maintaining rating integrity.

Insurance to value: Taking aim at a moving target

Maintaining insurance to value (ITV) on a homeowners book of business has become more challenging in recent decades.

Some of today’s most common approaches can gradually erode the ITV of a policy over successive renewals. Our ongoing research points to a better way.

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Replacement cost estimates grounded in actual claims experience

Reliable replacement cost estimates require current, detailed, and localized reconstruction cost data collected and validated through real-world claims experience.

360Value reconstruction cost data is compiled through extensive research, direct data feeds, claims analyses, and communication with 92,000 claims and building contractors.

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Track the latest changes to reconstruction costs

Reconstruction costs can change over time, and at different rates by geography, down to a very localized level. Each quarter, Verisk’s reconstruction cost data reports provide reconstruction cost trends at the national and state/province levels for the U.S. and Canada.

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High-quality, detailed property data

A fast and accurate quote is essential for effective customer service. This starts with the instantaneous prefill of detailed and reliable property information. 360Value provides high-quality, detailed prefill for properties, including multiple proprietary data sources not available elsewhere.

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Introducing SmartSource® in 360Value®


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Discover 360Value Condominium

Insuring condominium units can be an underwriting challenge when you only have lender requirements or square footage to guide replacement cost estimates.

360Value gives you more:

  • True component-based estimates based on actual claims information.
  • All costs to rebuild a property to its original condition.
  • An added layer of insurance-ready, property-specific data from SmartSource.

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Integrating 360Value into your underwriting workflow

360Value can integrate into a customer-facing web front end that lets insurance buyers estimate replacement costs as part of an online quoting process. This integration supports replacement cost estimation on any device, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Only Verisk offers this online interface designed with the customer in mind, helping you increase collaboration with homeowners to enhance the customer experience.

360Value Integration Options

A customer-centric user experience

The transition to digital is a challenge for property insurers, and you have to meet customer expectations in order to grow profitably. 360Value makes it easier and helps you develop a customer-centric insurance buying experience.

Getting ITV right for a new generation of buyers