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Excess, Reinsurance, and Primary Carrier Solutions

Property Benchmarking and Account Pricing Tools

How much internal and external benchmarking data do you have at your fingertips?

Our tools deliver extensive data and robust analytics to help you develop critical business insights.

Unique property data at your command

20 Years Of Loss Exposure Data

Years of loss and exposure data

5m Occurrences


7m First Loss Curves Data Points

First loss curves data points

Structure your primary, excess, and reinsurance decision-making with unmatched data

Structure Your Primary

Structure your primary, excess, and reinsurance decision-making with unmatched data

Stay at the cutting edge of competitiveness with solutions to:

  • Engage in best practices dialog between Actuaries, Underwriters and Management by Primary, E&S and Reinsurance risk takers.
  • Analyze risks using unmatched first loss scales by occupancy and amount of insurance from years of loss experience dating back over 20 years.
  • Automate ground-up loss cost estimations across multiple risk characteristics and COPE adjustments.
  • Aggregate results for portfolio management, cat model results integration, price monitors, ceded reinsurance decisions and shared/layered accounts

Sharpen your pricing analysis

Sharpen Your Pricing Analysis

Sharpen your pricing analysis

How quickly and accurately can you price commercial property excess-of-loss reinsurance? Learn how PSOLDTM links to ISO Rapid Valuator® for rapid analysis of loss cost potentials across multiple risks and portfolios.

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Mild reconstruction cost rise signals stabilizing market

Total reconstruction costs increased 5.1% from October 2022 to 2023. This uptick follows the 4.3% increase from July 2022 to July 2023.

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