How equipped is your business to thrive in a highly competitive market?

ISO’s casualty benchmarking and account pricing tools contain deep data sets, robust analytics, and a dynamic platform to manage your primary, excess, and reinsurance risks.

An unrivaled data set:



market segments



years of loss experience data


categories for market benchmarks


Features and Benefits

Our tools for standard and nonstandard markets help you:

  • Analyze losses and premiums over time by line of business, market size, size of loss, loss type, and cause of loss
  • Identify primary and excess frequency and severity trends
  • Spot market problems and opportunities for timely action
  • Monitor renewal pricing by premium size, state, or market
  • Price common coverage layers under different risk and interest rate scenarios

Casualty Solutions

Property Solutions


Take a deeper dive:

  • A better way to research market trends. Watch now.
  • Visualize market trends with a powerful dashboard. Watch now.
  • What’s the impact of lengthening loss development factors? Watch now.
  • We analyzed the top 500 reporting companies to better understand profitability and company loss development speed. Watch now.