Excess, Reinsurance, and Primary Carrier Solutions


Broad primary and excess data – paired with unique analytical capabilities – to help actuaries and underwriters research, benchmark, and visualize broader market results.

If you base your pricing on just your limited internal data, you may be missing opportunities for growth and profitability. If you base reserving on limited internal data, you could be risking your long-term viability. ISO can help.

Casualty solutions: Do you know where you are in the underwriting cycle?

The casualty market can be especially difficult to underwrite because losses can often take years to develop, making it difficult to evaluate changes in trends. ISO’s casualty solutions provide the robust, macro industry-level, loss and pricing analytics you need to help better understand where you are in the underwriting cycle and make informed pricing and reserving decisions.

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Property solutions: Do you know how you compare to industry benchmarks for large accounts?

Setting the right price is a constant battle in the highly competitive property insurance market. ISO’s property solutions enable you to perform detailed ground-up and excess pricing for accounts and portfolios from individual, banded, or complex layered exposures.

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