When Hurricane Season Collides with Pandemic: Using Imagery, Weather, and Geospatial Data for Loss Assessment

Real Talk with Mark Popolizio


Presentation date
May 13, 2020

Hurricane season in the U.S. is around the corner, but the restrictions in claims valuation due to the COVID-19 pandemic are still with us. When you can’t send an adjuster out to assess catastrophic damage, new technologies can help meet the need for eyes on the ground – and in the air. In this session, you’ll learn how advances in aerial imagery, weather event data, and remote geospatial information are completing the claims picture without risk to staff. Remote sensing provides post-loss conditions directly to the adjuster. Advanced weather data helps insurers prepare for storms and pass on guidance to policyholders. Combined with geospatial data and post-event imagery, these insights can even alert your team to losses before the policyholder contacts you. Join our panel of experts for a discussion of how these technologies are enhancing catastrophe loss assessment. In addition, you’ll learn how remote data-gathering can improve loss response times, reduce in-person adjusting expenses, and enhance policy holder satisfaction.