Autonomous Vehicles

It's no longer a question of whether fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) represent the future of vehicular road travel. It's a question of when.

Today's manually operated vehicles (MVs) are already approaching autonomy as collision avoidance and other new technologies evolve and become standard in more and more vehicles. However long the transition takes, we need to begin thinking about how AVs can revolutionize the landscape well before the majority of vehicles on our roads are self-driving. The interaction between the first AVs and existing MVs—which may be vastly different from anything the industry has seen before—is the next major challenge for auto insurers.

At ISO, we want to share our insights on the topic of autonomous vehicles and their potential implications on the property/casualty insurance industry, from coverage and rating considerations of AVs to some of their perceived effects on the market.

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 Autonomous vehicles could significantly reduce auto accidents, approximately 90% of which are attributable to driver error.  

—Andy Blancher,
Director of Commercial Auto Product Development

 Autonomous autos represent the future of vehicular road travel.  

—Jared Smollik,
Actuarial Director of Personal Auto Product Development