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Hurricane Claims Solutions

Handle hurricane claims with confidence

The Verisk hurricane model for the United States is trusted across industries, backed by expansive data about the vulnerability of structures exposed to hurricane winds and storm surge. We augment that data with independent research, post-disaster surveys, external peer review, and a comprehensive model validation process.


Don’t react. Be prepared and respond.

Estimate potential impacts to your policies-in-force up to five days before landfall. With updates on active tropical events every six hours, Respond keeps you informed of subtle changes to the storm’s track or footprint.

A Full Storm Footprint

A full storm footprint

Gain a comprehensive, science-based understanding of a tropical storm event right when you need it the most, informing your understanding. when analysts are under great pressure to assess financial impacts and adjust operational responses. Respond provides accurate, detailed information based on extensive expertise in numerical weather modeling, data integration, and downscaling. Clients receive forecasts of wind speeds at ultra-high resolutions which enables responders to make assessments at a neighborhood level.


Receive hurricane model predictions for:

  • Strength and likely path
  • Detailed neighborhood-level winds
  • Effect on populations and infrastructure at the coast and far inland
  • Damaging winds that occur as the storm moves far inland

Respond is delivered in shapefile format for viewing in a GIS platform, like Respond MAP.

Learn more about Respond

Respond MAP

Visualize storm impact

Respond MAP is a web-based mapping and analytics platform that allows the user to visualize and get the most value from Respond data in a simple and interactive interface.

Coupling the superior accuracy of Respond with the ability to overlay your policy information in Respond MAP, you have the tools you need to prepare for and mobilize following landfalling tropical events.

Even before the first winds hit the shore you can open up Respond MAP, look at the most recent hurricane forecast, and gauge its potential impact to your book of business.

Use The Interactive

Use the interactive charts and plots to determine the number of locations impacted by the tropical events and their magnitude.

Upload Claims

Upload claims information after an event, overlaid with respond weather data to determine the veracity of claims and protect your business from fraud.

For Even

For even greater detail, you can order pre and post catastrophe imagery as well as AI-powered damage detection.




Verify hurricane claims

With Benchmark, insurers can order comprehensive property-specific weather history reports to verify date of loss. Benchmark reports let you fast-track simple claims and spend more time on fringe cases that may warrant further investigation. Use the reports to identify where and how long hurricane or tropical storm force winds occurred and gain a complete picture of sustained wind and wind gusts at and near the property location.

Order hurricane claims weather data

There are several ways to get the hurricane claims weather data you need.

Girl On Computer

You can order Benchmark reports from within Verisk software platforms, including Xactimate, XactAnalysis, ClaimSearch, and Decision Net.

You can also order from the online store.

Rule Based Ordering

Set your own customizable rules for when reports are automatically ordered and delivered based on peril type, peril intensity, and peril location. Rules-based ordering is the industry-preferred method for saving you and your policyholders time and money.

Benchmark Api

Feed Benchmark data directly into your own systems using the Benchmark API for even more flexibility and efficiency.

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