Expand Your Small Commercial Footprint

Small Commercial Insurance


Expand quickly and improve your profitability in small commercial with the right tools, fast delivery of reliable data, and analytics that help properly assess future risks.

Increase your share of this $100+ billion market

Leverage Verisk's data, analytics, and InsurTech tools to clean up your book of business and tap into new and expanded opportunities.

Meet the challenges

Verisk can help you increase profitability and address a wide range of challenges, such as:

  • Identifying misclassification
  • Avoiding adverse selection
  • Finding new markets
  • Expanding current business
  • Navigating regulations and compliance
  • Streamlining forms, and more

Expand quickly—and improve profitably

Verisk can help you grow your business profitably by:

Providing information on forms and rules

Portfolio assistance with statistical services 

Motivating agents: Results of a Verisk agents survey

One might assume that, when dealing with insurers, agents are motivated primarily by commissions. However, according to a recent ISO agents survey, that’s often not true.

Woman and man meeting

Streamline underwriting and product development

InsurTech Solutions for underwriting

Implementation of rating engines, including electronic rating content (ERC)