Specialty Auto Solutions

Underwriting and Rating

Understand and manage specialty auto risks

Identifying the true risk of the drivers you insure can be extremely challenging in the nonstandard market. Confront premium leakage and improve rate integrity at its source.

Fight underwriting fraud and improve rate integrity

Riskcheck Suite

Fight underwriting fraud and improve rate integrity

Using a unique predictive analytics model, nonstandard auto writers can now flag potential fraud, assess risk more precisely, and reduce rating errors. RISK:check® analytics tap into multiple data sources to confirm applicants’ identity and key risk factor details.

Identify gaps in details of coverage

Coverage Verifier 1

Identify gaps in details of coverage

Coverage VerifierSM Auto, a contributory database, provides nonstandard auto insurers one of the most extensive histories of driver risk available in the industry today to aid pricing and risk selection. It includes proof of current or prior coverage along with details on coverage periods, lapses, driver and vehicle information, discounts, cancellations, and more.

Examine critical driver data

Verisk’s driver insights will help you identify violations, license suspensions, undisclosed drivers, and how an individual’s driving record and other characteristics can affect your rating factors and, ultimately, the premium you charge.

A Plus Personal

Pull ahead of the competition

Understanding claims history is critical to accurate initial quoting, but to save money, many insurers delay ordering loss history data until just before bind.

Learn about A-PLUS Auto 
Driving History Solutions

Get the tools you need

You can use cost-efficient tools to gain the knowledge you need to make a confident call at point of sale or renewal.

Learn about Driving History Solutions 
Undisclosed Drivers

Identify hidden drivers

Determine an applicant’s underwriting risk more accurately, calculate appropriate premiums, and increase your bottom line.

Learn about Undisclosed Driver Information 

Give credit where credit is due


Give credit where credit is due

Let ISO’s industry-leading data sets, analytical innovations, and actuarial acumen drive your auto insurance business forward.

Enhance customer satisfaction with mileage-based rating


Enhance customer satisfaction with mileage-based rating

Leverage the strong link between mileage and insurance claims to strengthen your underwriting and rating.

Learn more about the vehicle you’re about to insure


Deep-dive data on vehicles

Knowing each vehicle you insure in granular detail is critical in today’s competitive nonstandard auto market for underwriting, rating, and claims adjusting.

Learn about TrueVIN 
Vinmaster Product

Speedy Symbols, no VIN required

Quickly and easily identify an automobile's current ISO Vehicle Series Rating Symbol without knowing its vehicle identification number (VIN).

Learn about VINMASTER 
Vehicle Registration Reports

Actionable vehicle insights

To calculate suitable premiums for nonstandard risks, you need complete and accurate information about the vehicles that your policyholders drive.

Learn about Vehicle-Registration Reports 
Iso Symbols

Refine your auto ratings

ISO Symbols help insurers assess the relative risk of loss for private passenger vehicles dating back decades.

Learn about ISO Symbols 

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