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Specialty Auto Solutions

Data Management and Compliance

Are you making the most of your data assets?

Compete successfully in the growing specialty auto market by using advanced data and analytics alongside innovative platforms. Verisk provides the solutions and expertise to empower nonstandard auto insurers to make informed decisions.

Iso Statistical Service

Navigate compliance challenges with ease

Nonstandard insurers can meet their data reporting requirements with ISO Statistical Service, using industry-leading databases and a wealth of data and analytics expertise to meet reporting requirements.

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Insurance Statistical Reporting

Leverage a partnership with the experts

Save time, money, and resources through the ISO Preferred Data Partnership (PDP), a better way to report your statistical data. This service offers advanced analytics to help nonstandard insurers stay compliant and unlock the full potential of their data.

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Data Management Services

Discover the full power of your data

Data management is crucial to insurers’ bottom line; however, traditional practices are often costly and time-consuming. Enhance data quality and establish a modern, scalable data warehouse to support next-generation analytics with Verisk.

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Streamline workflow and compliance

Nonstandard insurers can help improve underwriting workflow and the accuracy of underwriting data. CV-ALIR® helps insurers meet ALIR reporting requirements while reducing the IT burden on insurers. With CV-Exchange® you can automate third party notifications, saving time and resources that can be spent growing your business.

Cv Alir

Simplify your compliance requirements

Auto liability insurance reporting requirements (ALIR) are a compliance expenditure with ever-changing, state-specific demands and little return for nonstandard insurers.

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Cv Exchange

Modernize your notification workflows

CV-Exchange helps you streamline your processes for loss payee notifications, additional-insured notifications, and producer notifications.

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Cv Vaas

Streamline lender communications

Verification as a Service, our innovative lender solution, streamlines insurance verification.

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