Auto Underwriting and Risk Management


Personal Auto

We offer a full range of products and services for personal auto insurers, including tools for underwriting and rating, fighting fraud, catastrophe management, telematics, application prefill, policy programs, and predictive analytics. Our actuarial, underwriting, and consulting services help you manage risk, reduce policy acquisition costs, improve rate classification integrity, and support your growth and retention strategies.

We provide loss histories to help you properly underwrite auto policies and estimate the level of risk — and determine what it’s likely to cost your company to issue a policy based on an applicant’s history of prior losses. Our personal auto policy-level information helps you verify coverage representations on the application and support market pricing and segmentation. You’ll also get coverage lapse and policy detail information.

Our motor vehicle reports (MVRs) give you information about traffic violations and accidents for your potential insureds — the timely and comprehensive information you need for effective auto underwriting. We offer a program that lets you monitor policyholder driving records for changes. And we offer a system to help you identify policyholder error or fraud at point of sale or point of quote.

Our mobile app helps add pricing accuracy, streamline the underwriting process, and identify fraud. Consumers and agents can use the application to conduct physical inspections and provide document images. Our claims management and fraud tools help you manage the auto claims process, and our compliance and reporting tools help you satisfy auto reporting requirements. Our suite of predictive modeling tools helps you classify, segment, and price your personal auto risks.