Online Acquisition and Quoting

Top digital auto insurers grew twice as fast, with combined ratios six points better than less-digital competitors. Find out how you can use an innovative platform to get 30% more throughput by asking applicants only three questions and deliver a highly accurate, bindable quote in two minutes or less. MORE  

Fraud and Rating Integrity

Our fraud and rating integrity products help you uncover flaws in rating data throughout the policy life cycle. Our sophisticated data analytics help identify risks with a high likelihood of future claims fraud and find rating errors that could result in lost premium. Our tools help you ensure pricing accuracy and streamline your underwriting process. MORE  

Vehicle Information

Vehicle information products give you access to detailed data about your policyholders’ vehicles. Auto symbol, VIN decode, and vehicle registration reports help you estimate underwriting risk correctly and calculate suitable premiums. You can even get data files that help you identify a vehicle’s ISO Vehicle Series Rating Symbol without knowing its vehicle identification number. MORE  

Policyholder and Driver Information

Our policyholder and driver information services give you real-time applicant name and address information simply by entering a phone number. You can also get critical consumer credit and undisclosed-driver data, policyholder driving monitoring, and MVRs. MORE  

Policy, Claims, and Coverage Information

Our policy, claims, and coverage information gives you loss history reports, policy-level data to verify applicant coverage representations, and home ownership verification before you issue a policy. Use our coverage lapse and policy details to improve your risk assessment and offer a policy discount or property policy quote. MORE  

For the Irish General Insurance Market

Industry-leading, value-added services focused on fraud detection, peer-to-peer market comparison, risk control, and process automation for the Irish general insurance market. MORE