Reverse Phone Append

Reverse phone append (RPA) is a real-time service that gives you name and address information on your applicant simply by entering the phone number. RPA streamlines your point-of-sale process, allowing you to serve your customers quickly and accurately. MORE  

Undisclosed-Driver Reports

Undisclosed-driver reports identify hidden drivers on personal auto applications, helping you estimate risks accurately and calculate appropriate premiums. MORE  

Consumer Credit Data

Through strategic alliances with leading credit information services, Verisk gives you easy access to critical consumer credit data. A credit score predicts the expected loss ratio or claim frequency associated with an applicant making it an invaluable aid in underwriting for new policies and renewals. MORE  

Policy Monitoring

To estimate underwriting risks accurately and calculate suitable premiums, you need complete information on all potential drivers within each policyholder household. Maintaining an accurate assessment is challenging, but our Policy Monitoring program can help. MORE  

Motor Vehicle Reports

Unfortunately, some of your potential clients are not always straightforward about their driving histories. They may not remember every traffic violation and often provide incomplete data. Motor vehicle reports (MVRs) give you the timely, detailed, and reliable information you need for effective automobile underwriting. MORE  

Driver Monitoring

Driver Monitoring is a cost-effective program that identifies adverse changes in the driving records of your policyholders. You can effortlessly monitor your policyholder list, receiving a monthly batch of updated motor vehicle reports (MVRs) containing adverse activity posted to a policyholder’s driving record. MORE