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Your business: Smarter with Verisk

Do you have access to all the data and analytics you need to execute your actuarial ambitions?

With the power of our actuaries and actuarial solutions at your disposal, you can better anticipate risks while maintaining profitability.

Work smarter with powerful insurance datasets

Verisk’s actuarial solutions harness the power of one of the largest databases of property/casualty statistics in the world, offering insurers access to the predictive power of aggregated data, along with an array of in-depth analyses designed to fuel informed decisions.

Data-driven insights for your business

By the end of 2022, there were:

  • 32.5 billion - records in the ISO Statistical Database
  • 2.3 billion - number of records processed in 2022
  • 4,400 - number of statistical reports submitted to state inspectors
  • 100 billion of miles of rich, trip-level data from millions of consenting drivers added to the Verisk Data Exchange

Here’s how we can make insurance smarter, together.

Verisk Data Exchange™

Verisk Data Exchange Iot

Verisk Data Exchange™

From connected personal and commercial vehicles to Internet of Things (IoT) sensors in everyday objects, more of everything your customers touch is merging into a larger digital ecosystem. This flood of data could overwhelm you—but it doesn’t have to.

The Verisk Data Exchange helps you make more informed risk decisions with actionable insights developed from volumes of data and advanced analytics.

ISO Risk Analyzer®

ISO Risk Analyzer is a suite of predictive models that help you classify, segment, and price your risks. They examine hundreds of indicators and predict expected losses at the policy level by major coverage or peril. The modules can be used to enhance your current rating plan, develop new territory and classification definitions, and feed custom modeling efforts using the detailed output.

Small Businessowner Coffee Shop

ISO Risk Analyzer Businessowners

Accurately select and price your small business risks by providing you with a highly detailed look at how major perils affect the loss potential of those risks.

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Commercial Truck

ISO Risk Analyzer Commercial Auto

ISO Risk Analyzer Commercial Auto examines environmental factors and vehicle attributes to better understand risk and help drive your business forward.

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ISO Risk Analyzer Homeowners

ISO Risk Analyzer Homeowners uses sophisticated predictive modeling and refined by-peril ratings, so insurers can better align prices to risks.

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Car Driving On A Windy Road

ISO Risk Analyzer Personal Auto

ISO Risk Analyzer Personal Auto uses powerful predictive analytics combined with highly granular data to help price auto insurance risks with laser precision.

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Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights

Asdi Actuarial Insights

Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights

Verisk’s Actuarial and Strategic Data Insights provides information to enhance your decision making and boost your productivity and profitability. This tool offers you timely, accurate information on such topics as loss and premium trend, risk classifications, loss development, increased limits factors, catastrophe and excess losses, and expenses. You get aggregate data in various levels of detail, as well as the methods, formulas, and judgments of our professional staff of actuaries.

Insurance Consulting

If you’re looking to answer specific questions, grow new lines of business, or address gaps in internal resources, our Insurance Consulting program has experienced actuaries that are ready to help address pricing, program development, reserving, and analytics. Our actuaries can perform in-depth rate analyses, identify expansion opportunities, develop loss and LAE reserves, and combine Verisk data, third-party data, and internal data with advanced analytics to reveal new insights.

Iso Datacube

ISO DataCube®

ISO DataCube provides aggregate premium and loss experience data—on a granular level—to help you make important decisions about your portfolio. This powerful tool allows you to focus on the details that matter with analytics fueled by one of the largest property/casualty insurance databases in the world.

ISO DataCube can support a wide range of critical functions, including benchmarking, classification analysis, ratemaking, product development, underwriting, strategic planning, and market research.

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Market Landscape Benchmarking

ISO Market Landscape™

ISO Market Landscape lets you benchmark your results against one of the largest property/casualty databases in the world. This tool visually presents statistical data captured by ISO and has built-in benchmarking capability.

You can compare your book of business against ISO aggregated data, and see how your loss ratio, severity, and frequency stack up while pinpointing risk areas and new opportunities.

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Iso Marketstance

ISO MarketStance

ISO MarketStance solutions distill and synthesize geographic, industry, and size-of-business data into reports and visualizations that help support critical strategic decisions.

The solutions provide insurers with granular insight into the marketplace, helping them to spot trends, identify opportunities, and develop plans to facilitate growth.

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ISO Size-of-Loss Matrix and ISO MarketWatch® Suite

ISO MarketWatch® delivers a wealth of continually updated data to improve market-level underwriting strategies and pricing assumptions. MarketWatch provides unmatched data sets from 72 commercial and personal markets, 800 company data sources, and 1.9 billion individual policies.

Enhance your underwriting with more than two decades of data from 72 markets, 6.9 million loss and premium triangles and $1.4 trillion worth of loss data from ISO Size-of-Loss Matrix. You can use this tool to increase the credibility of profit and loss estimates with interconnected data, improve understanding of key factor relationships with infographics, and dive deeper into research with granular analytics on expected layer losses.

Verisk’s ALAE Size-of-Loss Distributions model taps an extensive database of discrete probabilities for the joint distribution of indemnity loss and allocated loss adjustment expenses.

PSOLD™ and ISO Rapid Valuator®

Commercial Property Size Of Loss Database

PSOLD™ and ISO Rapid Valuator®

Verisk's Property Size of Loss Database (PSOLD) is the most current and comprehensive loss history database for commercial property risks. ISO Rapid Valuator (IRV) delivers a ground-up and excess loss cost analysis almost instantly.

With PSOLD and IRV linked, you can customize your analysis with selectable subline and coverage fields, create bespoke curves for occupancy, AOI band, and peril/coverage tailored to risk, perform excess-of-loss exercises for any layer of loss, and more.

Homeowner Data

Homeowners insurers often rely on a few property features for underwriting. When pursuing new business, use our Homeowner Data tool to create complementary data sets that can help provide a powerful impact at critical decision points in your workflow.

A-PLUS™ Personal Lines Loss History Solutions

Understanding claims history is critical to accurate initial quoting, but to save money, many insurers delay ordering loss history data until just before bind. There's a better way. With A-PLUS Personal Lines Loss History Solutions, Verisk can deliver customizable loss history options at point of quote to help optimize expenses.

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