Workers’ compensation insurers are challenged with managing complex claims costs and fulfilling reporting obligations

Insurers can manage workers’ comp claims better with data-driven claims solutions. In addition, analytic data transfer can enable seamless state-level reporting.


Workers’ compensation claims: Conquering their cost and complexities

Discover how workers’ compensation data can provide the answers to better claims resolutions and greater process efficiencies.

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High-complexity workers’ compensation claims can be put on a better course

When complex claims are identified early, they can be triaged to more experienced claims handlers. Insights into potential severity let both claims managers and adjusters plan the best course of action.


Faster Severity Detection Vital to Better Workers’ Compensation Claim Outcomes

The warning signs of severity can be discovered as early as day one, enabling cases to be managed better—to the benefit of claimants and insurers.

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Taking a proactive approach to Medicare’s Section 111

Workers’ compensation claims involving Medicare recipients are subject to Section 111 reporting requirements. While the regulations are complex and constantly changing, insurers can take steps to stay ahead and reduce costs.

Workers’ comp reporting and statutory information can reveal workers’ comp trends and insights

Staying on top of the latest reporting developments is critical to workers’ compensation and compliance is important to insurers and states alike. And with all that data being transferred, there are valuable opportunities for analyzing trends and deriving insights.

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Turn untapped workers’ compensation data into actionable insights

Learn how analytics helped improve Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) compliance at Liberty Mutual and for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Helps insurers take control of claims, compliance, and costs

Medicare Future Allocations

Medicare Set-Asides and cost mitigation


Detect and manage high-severity workers’ compensation claims through predictive analytics


A comprehensive suite of tools to simplify workers’ compensation data reporting


Provides states and insurers with the means to turn untapped data into actionable insights


A workers’ compensation data collection system for states