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Auto Liability Solutions

Improve injury claims handling

Complex injury claims, rising costs

Auto liability insurers face a multitude of challenges, whether it’s consistently assessing general damages or accurately determining liability. With injury claims costs rising and litigation increasing, it’s even more difficult—and critical—to effectively evaluate claims, contain costs, and reach a fair and fast resolution.

Manage auto claims with speed and efficiency

Robust data and insightful analytics power Verisk’s extensive auto liability claims solutions and services that help insurers manage injury claims with greater consistency, accuracy, and efficiency.

The average bodily injury claim payment grew 31% and PIP claim payments grew 26% from 2008 to 20171

The Auto Insurance Triple Threat

Triple Threat

Learn how modern thinking and innovative technology can help overcome the three biggest challenges facing auto insurers today.

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Accelerate your FNOL process

Icon Fnol

Automatically populate key information during claim intake with our FNOL prefill. The solution taps an array of data sources to deliver complete and accurate entity and policy details in seconds.

  • Fills in missing insured, claimant, vehicle, and policy information
  • Confirms data is accurate and current
  • Shortens cycle times and improves customer satisfaction
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Better insights drive better decisions

Iso Claimsearch Card

Improve claim processing with powerful intel

Get real-time claim insights, automated alerts, and key claim-matching data from the industry’s leading claims intelligence platform and largest loss history database—ClaimSearch®.

  • Compare claims to more than 1.5 billion records with an 84% hit rate
  • Get visual insights that indicate if a claim can be fast-tracked or needs further review
  • Streamline your claim-handling workflow and optimize efficiency
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Streamline subrogation with automation

Improve your auto subrogation—and accelerate recoveries—with automated adverse carrier alerts and quick access to third-party coverage details in your claims workflow.

  • Reduce LAE and shorten cycle times
  • Discover more subrogation opportunities
Learn about Subrogation Solutions
Claimxperience Card

Enhance remote inspections with collaboration

Process more claims faster and reduce costs with our video collaboration tool. ClaimXperience helps you triage claims quicker and improve customer service by viewing policyholder video of vehicle damage.

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Data-driven liability decisions and injury assessments

Improve liability decisions with predictive analytics

Liability Determination

Improve liability decisions with predictive analytics

Find more comparative liability and subrogation dollars in your auto injury claims with Liability Navigator®. The solution uses predictive analytics to deliver highly accurate liability determinations that are critical to consistent claims resolution and cost containment.

  • Proven to increase application of comparative liability from 8% to more than 20%2
  • Built-in predictive calculator determines liability percentages
  • Supports claim investigations by asking questions specific to accident type

Get more precise injury evaluations


Get more precise injury evaluations

Take the guesswork out of injury evaluations. Our solution analyzes your historical company data to generate consistent general damage assessments and provide claim severity scores to improve triage.

  • Helps improve cycle times by as much as 35 days3
  • Analyzes company payment trends and provides robust reporting
  • Offers expert nurse review to enhance injury evaluations

Facilitate fast and fair claims resolution

Offer Analysis

Facilitate fast and fair claims resolution

Improve your settlement decisions and negotiation strategies with a claim-matching solution that analyzes a claim’s attributes against your company’s historical data and provides guidance on settlement amounts and likely length of time to settle.

Decision Net Claims Detail

Fill in missing claim details faster

Incomplete and inaccurate claim information leads to longer cycle times and higher costs. Get critical claim details from best-in-class data sources to improve claim review and investigations. Access more than 500 data reports, including:

  • Vehicle data, police reports, medical records, and social media searches
  • Location-specific weather reports to confirm date of loss
Learn about Decision Net
Detect Claims Fraud

Detect claims fraud with AI

Fraud and buildup can add excessive costs to auto injury claims. Our robust suite of claims fraud solutions leverages robust data and innovative technology to help you fight claims fraud more effectively.

  • Predictive analytics fueled by over 1.5 billion claims
  • Medical provider fraud analytics that scores over 1.5 million providers
  • Fully configurable SaaS platform to streamline case management
Learn about Anti-Fraud Solutions

Achieve Medicare compliance, reduce exposure

Satisfy reporting requirements, avoid penalties

Section 111

Satisfy reporting requirements, avoid penalties

Identify and report Medicare recipients in your claims quickly and easily and address Section 111 reporting requirements with our Medicare Secondary Payer solutions.

  • Get proactive claims compliance with robust data validation and tracking
  • Handle compliance reporting in your claims workflow with an audit trail in ClaimSearch®

Mitigate risk and prevent overpayment

Lien Services

Mitigate risk and prevent overpayment

Getting hit with costly Medicare conditional payment liens or Medicare recovery claims? Our expert services can help reduce payments by challenging unwarranted Medicare demands.

  • Saved clients nearly $60 million from dispute efforts in 20192
  • Reduced conditional payment dispute by average of 91 percent2

Proactive strategies to optimize claim settlements

Future Allocations

Proactive strategies to optimize claim settlements

Medicare future medical allocations compliance for injury claims can be extremely complex. Our team of experts makes it easy. Get strategies to reduce costs, optimize settlements, and achieve compliance.

  • Support from the largest team of legal and medical experts dedicated to CMS compliance
  • Expert analysis from nurse practitioners that help develop future medical claims costs

Fast and simple auto claims compliance

Compliance Solutions

Fast and simple auto claims compliance

Address federal and state compliance reporting requirements through our compliance solutions. We can report your claims to regulatory agencies on your behalf and automatically check your claims against federal and state databases and criminal watch list. Our solutions include:

  • Child support intercept matching
  • MRN reporting
  • Casualty reporting
  • Questionable claims reporting
  • OFAC screening

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1. Insurance Research Council
2. According to existing client results
3. Ibid.

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