Claims Management and Fraud Prevention

Our comprehensive suite of tools supports you at every step of the claims life cycle — from claims reporting and analysis through claims adjustment and investigations. Our tools, software, and analytics help you streamline your workflow, control costs, and fight fraud.

We created the industry’s premier claims reporting and management system, along with complementary databases, to help you quickly identify meritorious claims for processing. We offer a variety of tools to help detect and prevent fraud, including software that uses visual link-analysis technology to uncover suspicious patterns that would otherwise go undetected.

Our specialized tools help you streamline the subrogation process; manage complex bodily injury, workers' compensation, and comparative liability claims; and automate SIU case management. We even help you estimate repair costs for structural repairs and personal property.

We provide services and national databases to prevent cargo and heavy equipment theft and improve recovery rates. And our background checks and employee screening services help you mitigate risk, protect your assets, and remain compliant by maintaining rigorous hiring practices.


Products and Services

RISK:check Point of Sale - Fight Underwriting Fraud and Promote Premium Accuracy for New Business — with Virtually Zero IT Impact The best way to detect fraud is to integrate a screening model into your point-of-sale process – when you have the opportunity to take action that will improve your bottom line. Verisk's RISK:check® Point of Sale screening technology is the most advanced predictive mode...
Xactware, a sister company of ISO, provides computer software for professionals involved in estimating all phases of building and repair. In 1986, Xactware opened for business with its flagship estimating system, Xactimate. Xactimate helps contractors and insurance adjusters estimate the cost of repairs and reconstruction faster and more accurately than ever before.
NetMap for Claims is powerful software that analyzes claims information and other data to reveal hidden patterns of activity across multiple claims. The system searches out and displays data from your internal databases, Decision Net public-records sources, and the ISO ClaimSearch database — the property/casualty insurance industry's comprehensive system for improving claims processing and fighting fraud.
Information is the lifeblood of risk and capital management, especially for catastrophes and weather events. With PCS, you'll get immediate access to the severe weather data you need to manage your business effectively and efficiently.
RISK:check Renewal is a sophisticated system that can help you uncover flaws in rating data quickly and efficiently. It helps you correct costly errors and restore profitability to your auto book of business. RISK:check Renewal uses Verisk’s sophisticated data analytics to compare individual policy information against millions of records from numerous public and proprietary databases.
Use the ISO ClaimSearch® Medicaid Reporting Service to keep in compliance with the Medicaid reporting and verification requirements in Rhode Island.