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Streamline your Restoration Workflow with Verisk’s Contractor Toolkit

Discover the contractor workflow toolkit

Discover Toolkit

Discover the contractor workflow toolkit

The Contractor Workflow Toolkit is an ecosystem of products designed to allow seamless integration and data sharing. Contractors can use the toolkit to quickly access capabilities to manage their projects more effectively:  

  • Streamlined and efficient property claims process focused on precision and flexibility
  • Seamless, real-time project tracking for enhanced visibility and accountability
  • Automated reporting to effortlessly generate and analyze crucial data
  • Reliable content estimating to help ensure comprehensive coverage and valuation
  • Seamless data-sharing and collaboration for enhanced teamwork and productivity
  • Efficient resource management with streamlined task assignment and monitoring
  • Convenient, hassle-free pack-out and pack-back solution 

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Meet Jack: A Restoration Contractor’s Workflow Story

Jack is a restoration contractor who faces numerous challenges in managing his day-to-day business. Hes juggling multiple software applications, slowed down by manual reporting, and struggling to track his team’s progress and projects.

Meet Jack

The Contractor Workflow Bundle offers a comprehensive solution that not only helps optimize your costs and cycle times but also enhances the precision and efficiency of your claims process, all seamlessly implemented for your convenience.

Adding the Contractor Toolkit to Jack’s day-to-day business

Jack can streamline his workflow with comprehensive solutions in his technology toolbox

Contractor Workflow Diagram

Workflow Diagram

Contractor ‘Toolkit’ Benefits

By strategically bundling products, Jack receives discounts and cost savings that empower him to price more competitively. Bundling also helps Jack’s restoration company to harness its resources effectively for maximum operational efficiency.

Jack aims to streamline processes so jobs are completed quickly. His customer satisfaction improves with faster service that prevents damage from escalating. Internally, improved processes enable the company to effectively handle more projects for more clients.

Automated systems reduce manual errors in the claim process, improving overall accuracy. Effective assessment methods help Jack’s company evaluate and document the extent of damage, facilitating appropriate compensation for policyholders. This also aids regulatory compliance as the company standardizes claim-handling procedures and guidelines.

The bundle integrates seamlessly with Jack’s workflow. New features and capabilities further streamline claims processing. Additionally, Verisk offers training and onboarding support to ensure a smooth transition and empower users with the skills and knowledge to maximize its benefits.

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