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Meet Verisk’s new solution empowering enterprise-level decision-making

Learn how Verisk’s new scalable cloud-native solution enables reinsurers to evaluate enterprise-wide risk across all lines of business and billions of locations to provide an improved understanding of global exposures. By integrating Sequel’s market-leading exposure management capabilities with AIR’s best-in-class analytics and Analyze Re’s high-performing modeling engine, Enterprise Exposure Manager™ brings you a comprehensive solution collaboratively developed to empower enterprise-level decision-making.

Are any of the following a challenge for you?:

  • Understanding and managing your organization’s insured risk across direct and reinsurance portfolios, primarily due to the large volumes of data
  • Gaining insights into which policies and treaties are exposed to a single property, such as a large industrial facility
  • Getting a comprehensive view of how your insured properties in specific areas would be impacted in the case of a real-time event, such as a hurricane or wildfire
  • Interpreting how your portfolio changes year-to-year or month-to-month, hampering effective business decisions
  • Performing frequent marginal impact analyses on your entire global portfolio

If any of these is a challenge for you, please fill out the form to learn how Enterprise Exposure Manager can help!

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